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The Masterclass:Create 30 Days of Content in 1 Day


1-Hour Masterclass + Q&A to teach you ALL you need about Creating 30 Days of Content in 1 Day. Ready ? Let's GO. In this masterclass we will show you how to plan 30 days of consistent and effective content in just 1 day. This also includes the planning process before we take action to achieve your goals. This class will boast strategies, tools and give you the inside scoop on what it takes to create engaging content that converts into leads and ultimately sales. WE WILL BE COVERING: 1. DISCOVERING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND 2. FINDING YOUR NICHE & REMAINING AUTHENTIC 3. CONTENT THAT CONVERTS 4. HOW TO PREP, PLAN & EXECUTE CONFIDENTLY 5. POSTING, CAPTIONS & HASHTAGS 6. BONUS! HOW TO SOCIALLY SELL FREE PRINTABLE MIND MAP INCLUDED!!!





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