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2 Day Bootcamp + VIP Day


In this power-packed bootcamp, we'll dive deep into foolproof strategies, a plethora of social media content ideas, and precise methods that drive sales and engagement. No more struggling to execute your ideas or working yourself to the bone. It's time to work smarter, not harder. Here's what you'll get: - Learn my proven content strategy, filming techniques, and editing secrets to never run out of Ideas - 4 Hour Workshop Including Demo & Hands - On Training - Q&A & Replay Access - 52-page workbook with everything you need to get started - Create captivating content without burning out - Perfect for business owners, influencers, product/service business, aspiring content creators, UGC enthusiasts, and social media agency/manager. PLUS If you are a brand, agency, influencer, social media manager looking to add a service or scale your content creation business, day 3 will help you: - Unlock the power to create 30 days for a client/ a brand/ or your personal content in just ONE day - Offer a lucrative service & experience without burn out - Discover and implement my strategies to marketing and promoting my services through visual story telling and content creation to make 6 Figures.





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